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Craftistics Chestnut Brown Family Picture Tree Wall Decal


Family Picture Tree Wall Decal by Craftistics (Large Size, 96" Inches X 108" Inches) 8' Foot X 9' Foot

Removable Do-It-Yourself Home Decor by Craftistics

Easy do-it-yourself family tree. You can do what you want with your tree, you can even do your own branch and leaf pattern. This can be done by one person. Very simple and easy to do peel and stick application.

Create your own tree and decorate it in your pictures, frames, and decorations. Finished size with decorations is up to 8' foot x 9' foot. Make this the highlight of room in your house. Peel-and-stick application.

Display Family Pictures – Add your own personal touch by adding your own decorations and frames.

Professional Quality – Created from the high-quality vinyl available and has been proven to last upwards of 10+ years.

Express Your Creativity – Each tree is one of a kind and it is all up to you to create the tree they imagine.

Simple Installation – No instructions needed, but instructions are included. Can be done with 1-2 people.

Extra Large Size – 8’ foot X 9’ foot (96" inches X 108" inches)

Best professional option in regards to quality, ease of application, and size.

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